je cherche aide financiere

The post-secondary support program

General objective

To encourage personal responsibility and promote success by offering financial support to students who pledge to complete a training program offered by recognized occupational skills training facilities or post-secondary institutions, to this effect, the policy provides for the availability to students of substantial financial assistance for payment of their tuition fees, to cover the cost of books and supplies required for their training and for a living allowance to help cover the costs of lodging, food, clothing, transportation, etc.

Target Audience

Any registered member of the Huron-Wendat Nation.

How to file a request

To avail financial assistance for vocational training or postsecondary education, the student must make a request to the CDFM completing the forms provided for that purpose.

The request must be sent to:

100, rue de l'Ours,
Wendake, Quebec,
G0A 4V0

by entering the words "post-financial assistance."


Financial assistance

Tuition fees - Quebec


  • Maximum level of assistance that will be granted by the CDFM will be limited to actual costs charged by public colleges.
  • Actual costs to attend a private institution may however be considered in cases where:
    1. the program is not offered in public colleges or 
    2. the student can demonstrate not having gained admission in a public college in spite of having submitted an application along with all required supporting documentation and withing applicable deadlines.



  • Actual costs charged by the institution


Tuition fees – Outside Québec


  • The CDFM will cover the cost of tuition fees up to a maximum of 2 000 $ per session.

Books and Supplies


Pre-University Two (2) Years Or Four (4) Semesters College Level Training

  • 50 $ per course to which the student is registered.


College Level Three (3) Years Or Six (6) Semesters Technical Training

  • 55 $ per course to which the student is registered.



  • 75 $ per course to which the student is registered.


Living allowances

Monthly allowance rates

  • Student living with parent or guardian: 400 $
  • Single or self-relying student: 850 $ (except for the first year of CEGEP if the institution is at less than 30 km)
  • Student living with parent receiving income security benefits : 545 $
  • Single student with dependent child / children
    a) 1 dependent: 1 150 $
    b) 2 dependents: 1 275 $
    c) 3 dependents : 1 450 $
    d) 50,00 $ / monthly for each additional dependent



Expenses encountered for licensing exams required to adhere for instance to a professional corporation will be covered or reimbursed upon submission of a bill or of an original receipt.



Personal computers are not considered as equipment that qualifies to be funded.


Required Supporting Documentation

For the 1st time

  • Application form duly completed and signed declaration;
  • Proxy form duly completed and signed;
  • Copy of birth certificate;;
  • Copy of birth certificate for each dependent claimed;
  • Copy of certificate of indian status;
  • Voided cheque;
  • Proof of admission by training institution;
  • Copy of timetable class schedule;
  • Copy of one's lease, proof of residency;
  • Copy of previous transcript.


Each beginning of academic year (fall term)

  • Application form duly completed and signed;
  • Proxy form duly completed and signed declaration;
  • Proof of admission by training institution (if program or institution change);
  • Copy of class schedule;
  • Breakdown of achievement for previous term;
  • Copy of previous transcript;
  • Copy of one's lease or proof of residency.

Each session (winter, spring or summer term)

  • Class schedule;
  • Previous transcript.